The season of Epiphany is the third season of the church year. The day of Epiphany, which means, "making God manifest," occurs January 6 and commemorates Christ's first manifestation as Messiah to the Gentiles, who are symbolized in the visit of the Wise Men to the manger.

The season of Epiphany lasts until Ash Wednesday, generally six or seven weeks. On the day of Epiphany, colors are white – but green is the color thereafter, offering a symbol of hope, life, and growth.

Epiphany is, in fact, a time to meditate on the coming of light to the whole world in Jesus Christ, a time to rededicate ourselves to our missionary tasks and spread the light of Christ's forgiving and redeeming love. Not surprising, a primary theme of the season of Epiphany is Baptism, beginning with the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord.

Ephiphany is followed by the 40 days of Lent.


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