Find Your Plot 2016


2016 St. Giles’ Community Garden of Feedin’

Gardener and Plot List


1. Artstein Family

2. Zick, Kim & Milt Lemke

3. Karteczki Family

4. Wu Family

5. Northfield Township Food Pantry

6. McGuire Family - North half

    Gerleman Family -South half

7. Blunt Family

8. Okoli Family - North half

     B. Robinson - SW quarter

     Schwartz Family - SE quarter

9. Sandy Spangenberger and Marita Schofield

10. Paula Rim

11. Gerleman Family

12. Ziskind Family

13. Sandy Garber and Cynthia Staples

14. Dim Family

15. Northfield Township Food Pantry

16. Page Family

17. Greenwood Family

18. Dim Family

19. Stupnitsky Family

20. Compost Central

21. Hanzel Family

22. Brooks Family

23. Solano Family - North half

George Miller - South half

24. Micheels Family

25. Hunt Family

26. Cynthia Hallas - North half

       S. Uelmen - South half

27. Northfield Township Food Pantry

28. Northfield Township Food Pantry

29. Okoli Family

30. Solano Family

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Upcoming Events


Evening Prayer
4:30 PM
Join us on Thursdays at 4:30 pm in our Prayer Room (at the south end of our one-story education building)
Choir Practice
7:30 PM
Thursday evenings @ 7:30 pm. For more details contact Jim Brown, Director of Music, through the attached link.


Overeaters Anonymous
11:00 AM
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Grace Space Sunday Service
8:30 AM to 9:00 AM
GRACE SPACE is our inter-generational communion service! This shorter, simpler service has been created with young families, those who prefer an earlier worship time, and those with busy Sunday mornings in mind, but ALL are welcome!
Choral Eucharist
10:15 AM to 11:30 AM
10:15 AM - Choral Eucharist
Choral Eucharist is celebrated according to The Book of Common Prayer and features scripture readings, prayers, congregational singing, anthems, sermon, and a sung communion celebration.
Our choir returns from their summer break on September 11.
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